Saturday, August 8, 2020

In The Beginning...


I was lucky to have grown up with access to a large HO model layout that my father and I built together in a shed in the backyard. Some time into my 20's of age I stopped being interested in model trains as my interest in computers grew.

When I heard that Auscision was going to do a DCC/Sound version of the 'C' Class Locomotives a few years back, I pre-ordered some and started to get interested again in model trains, sound adds another dimension to modelling.

By this stage my father had converted from HO to On30 Narrow Gauge (Puffing Billy) in the shed which is the wrong scale for my ordered rollingstock of HO. I jokingly said I should build a HO scale layout in my bedroom expecting to hear no, but he agreed and planning started not long after.

The bedroom is roughly 5.5m x 2.8m wide and we decided to place it around the four walls with a pullout section where the door is to make a continual loop. The only requirements I gave were a turntable, coal mine and double track main, I can have one of those tracks busy with maintenance to go back to single line.

This blog will follow the construction/running of the HO scale layout, which I am calling "East Coast Rail"

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