Thursday, July 8, 2021

The Skinny Bit

 The first two boards have been constructed and the tracks laid. It is time now to move onto the third baseboard. Other than the liftout section this is the smallest baseboard. The design is critical as it needs to run around the back of the desk that has monitors in front. There is a ninety degree corner and the board runs across the window. This baseboard has a grade on it as it climbs up towards the server and that baseboard will then turn another ninety degrees to run down the opposite wall.

Roughing it all out

Construction takes place outside as usual
The whole layout could have been built flat but it was decided to incorporate a grade to add more interest. There was no ply on hand to form the top of this board but some 10mm mdf was available and painted on both sides to protect it when the ballast is laid and hopefully stop any swelling, time will tell.

The first corner baseboard constructed

As this corner baseboard runs above the desk it wasn't possible to run the legs to the floor and shorter legs resting on the desk were used. The first fitting showed it would work Ok and the middle monitor fitted into the corner leaving room for the other two monitors on either side.

Stumpy legs

Curved monitor fits in nicely

After the dry fit over the desk the baseboard was again taken outside for the track laying. The cork was glued down and more Peco code 75 was laid down. The radius is 27" using  a plastic curved track gauge to get a constant curve. I couldn't resist placing a train on the track to see how it all looks. I am not sure what will go into the corner yet as it seems wasted space where an industry could be situated but would be a fair reach over the desk if something goes wrong in the siding, so for now it will remain a space to be filled later.

There will also be a facing crossover which will enable trains on the outside to come to the inner tracks and the corner which will have the container sidings as well. Tracks are fitted to a section of printed circuit board at the edges and after the boards are bolted together then the tracks can be cut.

First train?

Crossover to inner tracks
The wiring was completed and the bus wire carried around underneath ready for the next section. The two point motors were also installed under the crossover.
Track laying complete

This was a relatively simple build but the next board will have a few industries and is also where the tracks split up into relief roads, dead end sidings and also the container depot.

You can refer to the track diagram that was published a few entries ago if you want to refresh where this is all going.