Friday, February 10, 2023

Ready to go

 It has been a long time since the last post and things will finally get moving on the layout this year. It was possible last year to add some locomotives and rolling stock to the fleet.

This fleet expansion will mean that some extra sidings will have to be squeezed in somewhere and they will slightly encroach on the bedroom space. Even the space behind the door will be utilised as a siding to store some rolling stock, every spot counts. So when these extra sidings get constructed the track plan for the layout will be updated. Other than the extra sidings all the track is laid and just awaiting the ballast and structures to be done.

Among the extra items purchased for the layout was the Eureka model of 3801 and the HUB set to go with it. A sound Austrains 35 class as well as an Auscision sound 48 class. The big item that is being waited on is the Auscision C class which seem to be taking forever to get here. Why does it take so long after the pilot models arrive to the actual production models being available?

And pictured above  two very nice arrivals are the Auscision 44 class that arrived today. Two in the standard indian red were obtained.

The plan now is to build the extra sidings and then start on doing the scenery and structures etc. So keep viewing and it is hoped the blog updates will be more regular this year

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